Celia Hammond MP


I’m working hard every day to ensure that this government delivers for the people in Curtin and for the nation. Here are some of our achievements.


Parliamentary Achievements

Enterprise Tax Plan

Delivered tax cuts for 3.2 million businesses employing 6.7 million Australians.

Helping small businesses get ahead with the Instant Asset Write-Off

The instant asset write-off scheme was used last year by 300,000 small businesses to invest in new equipment and machinery.

Major infrastructure updates

We’ve made a record $75 billion investment in highway upgrades, congestion-busting roads, rail projects, improved local roads, inland rail and a new airport.

Budget back on track

We have achieved more than $34 billion in Budget savings since the election putting us on track for a surplus in 2020-21.

Restored the ABCC

By restoring the Australian Building and Construction Commission we’re protect small businesses and economy from CFMEU lawlessness. We’ve also banned secret payments banned between businesses and unions.

Increased funding for security and intelligence

Our security and intelligence agencies have thwarted 13 major terrorist plots after record funding increases for their efforts. On top of our increased investments, we have introduced tougher anti-terror laws and are revoking citizenship of dual nationals who engage in terrorism.

Protecting Australians from international criminals

We’ve changed the rules to deport non-citizens who commit serious crimes. We’ve cancelled visas of 3,000 serious criminals – including murderers, rapists, child sex offenders, armed robbers and drug dealers.

Upgrading our naval capabilities

Undertaking the largest regeneration of our Navy since WW2, with 54 new ships (Labor commissioned none). With new weapons and air defence for our Army and new air combat capability, we’re building Australia’s sovereign defence capability.

Child Care Subsidy

We’ve achieved landmark reforms targeted to working parents by abolishing the $7,500 cap for families (incomes up to $185,000) and introducing new Child Care Subsidy, meaning around one million families will be better off.

Gonski 2.0 School Funding Deal

By achieving Gonski 2.0 we’ve poured an extra $23.4 billion over a decade – a 50% funding increase for the average student. Our agreement replaces 27 secret deals and will provide needs based funding for all students.

Improved Medicare and increased hospital funding

86% of GP visits bulk billed last year – 21 million more than Labor’s last year. Hospital funding is also at record levels to compliment new reforms introduced to improve private health insurance.


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