Celia Hammond MP


The Coronavirus (COVID 19) is a significant global public health challenge and has affected many across the world, including Australians both here and overseas. While the infection manifests in many people in a similar way to the flu or a cold, it can have serious consequences for a percentage of people, including the elderly and vulnerable.

Understandably, it is causing significant concern here in our local community.

In Australia, the number one priority continues to be keeping all Australians safe and healthy. The core objective at this stage is to slow the spread of coronavirus and to ensure that our health services are as well prepared as any in the world to treat and assist those who need it.

Together with local members of State Parliament, local councils and community organisations, my office is coordinating a ‘Curtin Community Care’ campaign, to ensure that help and assistance is provided to those people in our community who require it.

If you are self-isolating or require assistance, in particular with shopping or food, please get in touch with my office and we will work with local organisations to try to find the support you require. This will all be in accordance to the advice given by the Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health.

Alternatively, if you are able to volunteer your time to assist others in need please sign up below or get in touch with my office and we will put you in contact with a service provider who might be able to use your help!

My office can be contacted via phone on 9388 0288 or email at [email protected]

I will continue to share the latest COVID-19 updates on my social media and on my website however I encourage everyone to regularly monitor the website at www.australia.gov.au

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