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Article written by David Cohen, in the front page of the Post Newspaper 21/03/2020 Curtin MP Celia Ham­mond has tapped into western sub­urbs’ “kind­ness and com­mu­nity” to help vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple with shop­ping and other needs. More than 200 lo­cals have al­ready signed up to do house­hold tasks for older peo­ple too afraid to jos­tle for gro­ceries or re­luc­tant to ex­pose them­selves in crowds to possible car­ri­ers of COVID-19. “It’s not go­ing to be over in two weeks,” Ms Ham­mond said. “It’s a mat­ter of us work­ing to­gether to get through it.” The Fed­eral MP’s elec­torate of­fice in Su­bi­aco is act­ing as a con­tact point for vol­un­teers and for peo­ple need­ing help. Many younger western sub­urb peo­ple are al­ready help­ing their older neigh­bours who have largely con­fined them­selves to their homes. Ms Ham­mond said the 19,000 se­niors in her elec­torate needed to be looked af­ter. This week she told lo­cal may­ors,…

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